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Complications of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Complications of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

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Problems with the teeth are common. Having an impacted wisdom tooth can be very inconvenient and painful. With tooth extraction in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, this can be taken care of to prevent complications.

Dental services in Pennsylvania are designed for your overall oral health. Our patients must understand the implications of oral issues. Here are some of the problems that may arise from having an impacted tooth:

  • Teeth damage happens as the wisdom tooth pushes the second molar. When the tooth is damaged, it can increase the risk of infection. The pressure leads to crowding problems.
  • Wisdom teeth are harder to reach and clean, therefore having a higher risk of tooth decay. Food and bacteria get easily trapped between the partially erupted tooth and the gum.
  • Pericoronitis is an inflammatory gum condition that is often painful. This is further increased by the difficulty of cleaning the impacted and partially erupted wisdom teeth.

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