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Meet Dr. Allen Geng

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Dr. Allen Geng, was a physician and a scholar in bioscience field. He was awarded Doctor of Medicine from Peking University School of Medicine, the top medical school in China. For the love of dentistry, he attended University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 2007, awarded Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) in 2011. He completed his residency in 2012 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, one of the top hospitals in the states. He has been working in the private dental offices since then. Dr. Allen Geng is licensed to practice dentistry in Pennsylvania as a dentist. He is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Allen Geng is passionate about patient’s comfort. He puts patient comfort as the first priority for any procedure performed in the office, especially procedures such as tooth extraction or root canal treatment, in which the pain is frequently the main reason for performing the procedures. Dr. Allen Geng is proficient in all phases of dentistry, especially experienced and skilled in tooth extraction, Root Canal treatment, and cosmetic restoration.

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Dr. Abdallah Kabil

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Dr. Abdallah Kabil graduated from University of Pennsylvania Dental School in 1995. He has been working at current office, formally named Hollyland Dental Center, since 2002. Dr. Kabil also graduated from Alexandria University Dental School in Egypt in 1978, and had practiced dentistry in Egypt for 10 years. He is experienced and skilled in root canal treatment, denture fabrication, and cosmetic restoration such as fillings, crown restoration.

About Our Dental Practice

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Bright Dental Care, formerly “Hollyland Dental Center” has been serving the community of Collingdale, Pennsylvania and its neighboring boroughs for more than 20 years. Chichester Dental, formerly “Happycare Dental” has been serving the community of upper and lower Chichester, Marcus Hook, and Trainer for more than 30 years. 
Our dental experts believe that one of the best solutions to a happier life is a healthier teeth. That is why we have fully designed our brand of practice to deliver an advanced preventive and restorative dentistry to restore and enhance our patients’ teeth in an atmosphere of a comfortable, efficient, and elegant setting.

For quality dental care in Linwood, Pennsylvania and Collingdale, Pennsylvania, visit us!

Our Mission Statement

Bright Dental Care and Chichester Dental aims to provide a patient-centered and multidisciplinary dental care to the community. One of our goals is to encourage our patients to include regular dental checkups in their lifestyle for a healthier teeth and gums. Thus, we strive to bring an outstanding level of dental experience in dental treatments as well as satisfaction in our services.

One of our underlying guiding principles is to render our ongoing efforts through a dedicated and sincere service. This is to guarantee our patients with the best dental care possible by using state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and procedures.

In addition, we have carefully selected our staff members through a series of background checks and interviews to ensure the quality of our service. Our dental team regularly undergoes proper training to assure that we will continuously deliver outstanding oral care and satisfy our patients’ needs.

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