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Dental Exam and Diagnosis

Composite Tooth Filling in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

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Having regular dental exams is vital to maintaining your oral health. These exams will enable the complete removal of tartar and plaque in your teeth. During a dental examination, our dentist will carefully examine your teeth for cavities, gum disease, or any dental problems through hands-on and diagnostic methods. This is done to detect your dental problems earlier when it can still be treatable.

Dental X-rays might also be done if necessary to identify abnormalities not visible to the naked eye. After the examination, our dentist will educate you with proper cleaning habits, such as flossing and brushing. You will also be advised to get dental treatment if there are dental problems being detected.

Your teeth should be checked every six months to maintain your dental health. If you wish to have a dental exam and diagnosis, please call our office at 610-583-4443.